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Professor Renoir Professor Renoir's Collection of Oddities, Curiosities, and Delights
Platt, Randall Beth, 1948-
Secrets of a fangirl Secrets of a fangirl
Dionne, Erin, 1975-
Final crisis Final crisis
Morrison, Grant
Mighty Meg and the accidental nemesis Mighty Meg and the accidental nemesis
Griffin, Sammy
Connected strategy : building continuous customer relationships for competitive advantage Connected strategy : building continuous customer relationships for competitive advantage
Siggelkow, Nicolaj
The philosopher The philosopher's war : a novel
Miller, Tom, 1980-
The black jersey : a novel The black jersey : a novel
Zepeda Patterson, Jorge
Jade war Jade war
Lee, Fonda
The best science fiction of the year. Volume 4 The best science fiction of the year. Volume 4
Kingdoms of the cursed Kingdoms of the cursed
Keyes, J. Gregory, 1963-
Inspector French Inspector French's greatest case
Crofts, Freeman Wills, 1879-1957
The babysitter The babysitter
Browne, Sheryl
Capitalism & slavery Capitalism & slavery
Williams, Eric Eustace, 1911-1981.
Twilight Zone : The Shadow. volume one Twilight Zone : The Shadow. volume one
Avallone, David
Bettie Page. Vol 2, Model agent Bettie Page. Vol 2, Model agent
Avallone, David
Bettie Page. Volume 1, Bettie in Hollywood Bettie Page. Volume 1, Bettie in Hollywood
Avallone, David
The betrayed wife The betrayed wife
O'Brien, Kevin, 1955-
CliffsNotes AP English language and composition CliffsNotes AP English language and composition
Swovelin, Barbara V.
The bitterroots : a novel The bitterroots : a novel
Box, C. J
Exploring according to Og the frog Exploring according to Og the frog
Birney, Betty G
Uncomfortable labels : my life as a gay autistic trans woman Uncomfortable labels : my life as a gay autistic trans woman
Dale, Laura Kate
Keto diet for dummies Keto diet for dummies
Abrams, Rami
Let me fix that for you Let me fix that for you
Erlbaum, Janice, 1969-
House without walls : May 10, 1979 to June 7, 1980 House without walls : May 10, 1979 to June 7, 1980
Russell, Ching Yeung
Seaman and the great northern adventure Seaman and the great northern adventure
Moss, Helen, 1964-
Moondog : the viking of 6th Avenue : the authorized biography Moondog : the viking of 6th Avenue : the authorized biography
Scotto, Robert M., 1942-
More than a game : a history of the African American experience in sport More than a game : a history of the African American experience in sport
Wiggins, David Kenneth, 1951-
The edge The edge
Lebbon, Tim
Fear the stars Fear the stars
Husberg, Christopher B.
The invisible brand : marketing in the age of automation, big data, and machine learning The invisible brand : marketing in the age of automation, big data, and machine learning
Ammerman, William, 1967-
The enterprise war The enterprise war
Miller, John Jackson
Air logic Air logic
Marks, Laurie J
Surrounded by idiots : the four types of human behavior and how to effectively communicate with each in business (and in life) Surrounded by idiots : the four types of human behavior and how to effectively communicate with each in business (and in life)
Erikson, Thomas, 1965-
Mission to Monster Island Mission to Monster Island
Ballarini, Joe
Liar Liar
Slater, K. L.
A tale Magnolious A tale Magnolious
Nelson, Suzanne, 1976-
Emperor of the universe Emperor of the universe
Lubar, David
Cut and run Cut and run
Michaels, Fern
A better man A better man
Penny, Louise
Out of my shell Out of my shell
Goebel, Jenny
Awesome Dog 5000 Awesome Dog 5000
Dean, Justin
The miraculous The miraculous
Redman, Jess, 1986-
The body in question : a novel The body in question : a novel
Ciment, Jill, 1953-
Bad things Bad things
Bush, Nancy, 1953-
Kaguya-sama. 3 : love is war Kaguya-sama. 3 : love is war
Akasaka, Aka
Hunter x hunter. Volume 25 Hunter x hunter. Volume 25
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x hunter. Volume 19 Hunter x hunter. Volume 19
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x Hunter. Volume 27 Hunter x Hunter. Volume 27
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x hunter. Vol. 9 Hunter x hunter. Vol. 9
Togashi, Yoshihiro.
Hunter x hunter. Volume 5 Hunter x hunter. Volume 5
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x hunter. Volume 31
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x hunter. Volume 14
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Pop team epic
Ōkawa, Bkub, 1983-
Kaguya-sama : love is war. 6
Akasaka, Aka
Hunter X Hunter. Volume 29
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x hunter. Vol. 6
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x hunter. Volume 33
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Kaguya-sama : Love is War . Vol. 2
Akasaka, Aka
Hunter x hunter. Volume 18
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x hunter. Vol. 17
Togashi, Yoshihiro.
Hunter X Hunter. Volume 28
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Mob psycho 100. Volume 1
One, 1986-
Kaguya-sama : love is war. 7
Akasaka, Aka
Hunter x hunter. Volume 21
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x hunter. Volume 35
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x Hunter. Volume 22
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x Hunter. Volume 23
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x hunter. Volume 26
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x hunter. Vol. 8
Togashi, Yoshihiro.
Hunter x hunter. Volume 16
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x hunter. Volume 24
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x hunter. Volume 15
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x hunter. Volume 4
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x hunter. Vol. 7
Togashi, Yoshihiro.
Kaguya-sama : Love is war. 8
Akasaka, Aka
Books of magic
Rieber, John Ney
From never-mind to ever-mind : transforming the self to embrace miracles
Rosenthal, Robert
Greenland, Shannon
The Twelve
Lin, Cindy
Yokai stories
Davisson, Zack
Hunter x hunter. Volume 34
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Billie Holiday : the last interview and other conversations
Holiday, Billie, 1915-1959
Pop team epic : second season
Ōkawa, Bkub, 1983-
Kaguya-sama : Love is War . Vol. 1
Akasaka, Aka
For black girls like me
Lockington, Mariama
Hunter x hunter. Volume 32
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x hunter. Volume 13
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Kaguya-sama : Love is war. 4
Akasaka, Aka
Mob psycho 100. Volume 2
One, 1986-
Kaguya-sama : love is war. 5
Akasaka, Aka
Death rattle
Lynch, Sean, active 2013-
Hunter x hunter. Volume 11
Togashi, Yoshihiro.
Hunter x Hunter. Volume 20
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x hunter. Volume 30, [Answer]
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Hunter x hunter. Vol. 10.
Togashi, Yoshihiro.
Hunter x hunter. Volume 12
Togashi, Yoshihiro
On thin ice
Northrop, Michael
The castle in the sea
McConnochie, Mardi, 1971-
A squirrelly situation
Kelly, Jacqueline
George and the ship of time
Hawking, Lucy
Captain Rosalie
Fombelle, Timothée de, 1973-
Goldilocks, go home
Freeman, Martha
The four guardians
Laney, Matt
Dumpster Dog!
Gutman, Colas, 1972-
Nikki Tesla and the ferret-proof death ray
Keating, Jess
Marigold Star
Primavera, Elise
The missing piece
Sala, Sharon
Starting & building a nonprofit : a practical guide
Pakroo, Peri
O'Hearn, Kate
Holm, Jennifer L
Heels of steel
K., Barbara
Level 13 : a slacker novel
Korman, Gordon
The Echo Park castaways
Hennessey, M. G.
Serafina and the Seven Stars
Beatty, Robert, 1963-
The fate of Earth
Kraatz, Jeramey
Total mayhem
Gilstrap, John
Dead silence
Staub, Wendy Corsi
The hero next door
When ravens screamed over blood
Vaughan, William, 1949-
The complete future shocks. Volume 02
Carnival catastrophe
Lloyd, Natalie
Bad hair day
Benton, Jim
To the future, Ben Franklin!
Osborne, Mary Pope
William Wenton and the lost city
Peers, Bobbie
The giant from the Fire Sea
Himmelman, John
The 47 people you'll meet in middle school
Mahoney, Kristin Mary
The Berenstain Bears the trouble with tryouts
Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005
The Berenstain Bears' epic dog show
Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005
Assassin's Revenge
Larsen, Ward
Because internet : understanding the new rules of language
McCulloch, Gretchen
Sasha and Puck and the potion of luck
Nayeri, Daniel
Spill the beans
Mlynowski, Sarah
Landers, Melissa
Escape from the Isle of the Lost
De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971-
Deadly class
Remender, Rick
Escape the Underdark
Forbeck, Matt
Marvin & James save the day! and Elaine helps!
Broach, Elise
Fallen hearts
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)
Hawke's target
Wortham, Reavis Z
The lion king
Carbone, Courtney
Off the grid
McCaw, Robert B.
Dark angel
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)
Surrendered--the sacred art : shattering the illusion of control and falling into grace with twelve-step spirituality
Shapiro, Rami M
The leaden heart
Nickson, Chris
The Warlow experiment : a novel
Nathan, Alix
Scary stories for young foxes
Heidicker, Christian McKay
Expedition sketchbook : Inspiration and skills for your artistic journey
Cyarin, pseud. van Laura Brouwers
Ritter, William, 1984-
The Hamilton-Burr duel
Gutman, Dan
Trip to the pumpkin farm
Elliott, Rebecca
Secret Provence
Cassley, Jean Pierre
The integral vision : a very short introduction
Wilber, Ken
A guilty thing surprised
Rendell, Ruth, 1930-2015.
Letters from Lighthouse Cottage
McNamara, Ali
The duchess in his bed
Heath, Lorraine
The printed letter bookshop
Reay, Katherine, 1970-
Master the EMT certification exam.
Marked men
Simms, Chris, 1969-
Tangled threat & Suspicious
Graham, Heather
The whisper man
North, Alex
Old bones
Preston, Douglas J
Trapped in the R.A.W. : a journal of my experiences during the Great Invasion : by Kaylee Bearovna with an afterword by Pearl Larken and appendices compiled by the "We Survive" series group
Boyes, Kate
I will teach you to be rich
Sethi, Ramit
The substitute bride
The cowboy's twin surprise
Dees, Stephanie (Romance author)
Their last second chance
Jump, Shirley, 1968-
His two royal secrets
Crews, Caitlin
The Amish widower's twins
Brown, Jo Ann
The Argentinian's baby of scandal
Kendrick, Sharon
Calculated risk
Crouch, Janie
Nanny witness
White, Hope
Curation : the power of selection in a world of excess
Bhaskar, Michael
Jesus and after : the first eighty years
Brooks, E. Bruce (Ernest Bruce), 1936-
The wildcrafting brewer : creating unique drinks and boozy concoctions from nature's ingredients
Baudar, Pascal, 1961-
The Associated Press stylebook 2019 and briefing on media law
The joy of tiny house living : everything you need to know before taking the plunge
Schapdick, Chris
Growing your own tea garden : the guide to growing and harvesting flavorful teas in your backyard
Helmer, Jodi
True wellness, the mind : how to combine the best of Western and Eastern medicine for optimal health, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression
Kurosu, Catherine
Unforeseen : stories
Gloss, Molly
Data driven : harnessing data and AI to reinvent customer engagement
Chavez, Tom
For whom the bell tolls : the Hemingway Library edition
Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961
Misfire : the tragic failure of the M16 in Vietnam
Orkand, Bob
Fermenting for dummies
Wasserman, Marni
Pilgrim's progress
Schmidt, Gary D.
A dream to die for : a novel
Ritz, Susan Z
Pursuits unknown
Clary, Ellen
Alpha and omega
Turtledove, Harry
Mr. temptation
Stewart, Rachael
A family of strangers
Richards, Emilie, 1948-
Devil's fjord
Hewson, David, 1953-
Deep undercover
Worth, Lenora
Danger on the ranch
Mentink, Dana
Star path--people of cahokia : North America's Forgotten Past Series, Book 25
Gear, W. Michael
First kill--a kirk mcgarvey novel : McGarvey Series, Book 24
Hagberg, David
The guardian of lies
Furnivall, Kate
The luck of the bride--the cavensham heiresses : The Cavensham Heiresses Series, Book 3
MacGregor, Janna
It started with a pregnancy
Jeffries, Christy
Friends forever
Woods, Sherryl
Shadows at dawn
Martin, Kat
His to claim
Jackson, Brenda, (Brenda Streater)
Texas nights : Caroline's Child\Dr. Texas
Macomber, Debbie
The inn at hidden run
Newport, Olivia
The melting queen
Cinnamon, Brunce
Turning secrets
Chapman, Brenda, 1955-
Come and get me : A Caitlin Bergman Novel
August Norman
Hexarchate stories
Lee, Yoon Ha, 1979-
Cowboy rebel--includes a bonus short story : Longhorn Canyon Series, Book 4
Brown, Carolyn
A scandalous midnight in madrid : Passion in Paradise Series, Book 2
Stephens, Susan, 1949-
Reunited by the greek's vows : A Romance Novel
Brock, Andie
Rancher in her bed : Texas Cattleman's Club: Houston Series, Book 4
Rock, Joanne
Blondel, Jean-Philippe, 1964-
Dear wife : A Novel
Belle, Kimberly
When to call a cowboy : Dark Horse Cowboys Series, Book 3
Faver, June
The healing jar
Brunstetter, Wanda E.
Meant for you : Dundee, Idaho Series, Book 5
Novak, Brenda
Attracted to the earl
Evans, Bronwen, (Bronwen Anne), 1962-
The good, the bad, and the duke : The Cavensham Heiresses Series, Book 4
MacGregor, Janna
You cannot mess this up : A True Story That Never Happened
Daughters, Amy Weinland
Sala, Sharon
The dictionary of animal languages
Sopinka, Heidi
End of the ocean
McBride, Matthew, (Crime fiction writer)
The woman in the white kimono : A Novel
Johns, Ana
Never kiss a notorious marquess
Miller, Renee Ann
Gillyflower : A Novel
Wald, Diane
Rogue most wanted : The Cavensham Heiresses Series, Book 5
MacGregor, Janna
Guesthouse for ganesha : A Novel
Teitelman, Judith
The tell tail heart : Cat Cafe Mystery Series Series, Book 3
Conte, Cate
A lady's guide to gossip and murder
Freeman, Dianne, 1958-
Ignite--a dark kings novel : Dark Kings Series, Book 15
Grant, Donna
Fake it till you break it
Nguyen, Jenn P.
Pregnant with her best friend's baby
Roberts, Alison, 1956-
All the ways home
Chapman, Elsie
Pleasure payback
Cox, Zara
Running target
Goddard, Elizabeth
Sheltered by the soldier
Harris, Lisa
A keeper : A Novel
Norton, Graham, 1963-
Jackson: the mcbrides of texas
March, Emily
Murder in the crooked house
Shimada, Sōji, 1948-
Puppy love : Service Puppies Series, Book 1
Gilmore, Lucy
Her silhouette, drawn in water
Kaftan, Vylar
Collected fables
Thurber, James, 1894-1961
The doctor
Stone, Lisa
The trouble with cowboy weddings
Helm, Nicole
Sweet heat
Day, Zuri
Miss greenhorn
Palmer, Diana
Sleepless night
Moor, Margriet de
A crafter hooks a killer : A Handcrafted Mystery
Holly Quinn
The alchemist of lost souls
Lawrence, Mary, 1959-
Alphabet squadron (star wars)
Freed, Alexander
Flight or fright : 17 Turbulent Tales
King, Stephen, 1947-
Bewitched and betrothed : Witchcraft Mystery Series, Book 10
Blackwell, Juliet
Down in flames
Hollon, Cheryl
The lady's guide to celestial mechanics
Waite, Olivia
Swan point : Sweet Magnolias Series, Book 11
Woods, Sherryl
The den : a novel
Maxwell, Abi
The catcher in the rye
Salinger, J. D., (Jerome David), 1919-2010
The chance
Carr, Robyn
The 131 method : heal your gut, balance your hormones, and lose weight
Johnson, Chalene
Rouge : a novel of beauty and rivalry
Kirshenbaum, Richard, 1961-
Dark angel
Graham, Lynne, 1956-
The body in question : a novel
Ciment, Jill, 1953-
Cherry scones & broken bones
Hannah, Darci
Summer desserts
Roberts, Nora
I like to watch : arguing my way through the TV revolution
Nussbaum, Emily, 1966-
The ghost clause
Norman, Howard A.
Cummings, Troy
Breaking the dance : a world of spies mystery
O'Donohue, Clare
Becoming us : a gather novel
Gunn, Robin Jones, 1955-
Upon a burning throne
Banker, Ashok
The scent of murder
Logan, Kylie
Aug 9-fog
Scanlan, Kathryn, 1980-
We are all good people here
White, Susan Rebecca
Silent in the grave
Raybourn, Deanna
Opening Belle : a novel
Sherry, Maureen
Just breathe
Wiggs, Susan
Dying of whiteness : how the politics of racial resentment is killing America's heartland
Metzl, Jonathan, 1964-
Beatty, Melinda
Smith, Martin Cruz, 1942-
Over the Line
Irvin, Kelly
Breathe in, cash out : a novel
Henry, Madeleine
Under the cold bright lights
Disher, Garry
Mythic journeys : myths & legends retold
Zentner, Alexi
Game of stars
DasGupta, Sayantani
Electric forest
Lee, Tanith
So dark the night
Daley, Margaret
The last good guy
Parker, T. Jefferson
This is home
Duffy, Lisa, 1970-
Three laws lethal
Walton, David, 1975-
The last list of Miss Judith Kratt : a novel
Bobotis, Andrea
Woods, Stuart
The bitterroots : a novel
Box, C. J.
The printed letter bookshop
Reay, Katherine, 1970-
Not bad people : a novel
Scott, Brandy
Natalie Tan's book of luck and fortune
Lim, Roselle
No-no boy
Okada, John
Octavia gone
McDevitt, Jack
Madam, may I
Bryant, Niobia
Growing things and other stories
Tremblay, Paul
Johnston, Scott, 1960-
A shattered lens : a Detective Preach Everson novel
Green, Layton
No country for old gnomes
Dawson, Delilah S.
Alice & Gerald : a homicidal love story
Franscell, Ron, 1957-
11 Harrowhouse; a novel
Browne, Gerald A.
18mm blues
Browne, Gerald A.
Someone who will love you in all your damaged glory : stories
Bob-Waksberg, Raphael
The beyond
Neill, Chloe
Murder at Morrington Hall
McKenna, Clara
The great unexpected
Mooney, Dan
Deep river : a novel
Marlantes, Karl
Wastelands 2 : more stories of the apocalypse
Wild card : a Buddy Steel mystery
Brandman, Michael
A welcome at our door
Clipston, Amy
The scent keeper
Bauermeister, Erica
Whose waves these are
Dykes, Amanda
The warship
Asher, Neal L., 1961-
Summer by the tides
Hunter, Denise, 1968-
Tears of the trufflepig
Flores, Fernando A., 1982-
Sabrina & Corina : stories
Fajardo-Anstine, Kali
The line tender
Allen, Kate, 1977-
A change of time
Jessen, Ida, 1964-
The mercy rule : [a novel]
Lescroart, John T.
The Wearle
D'Lacey, Chris
During-the-event : a novel
Wall, Roger, 1955-
No ocean too wide : a novel
Turansky, Carrie
City of windows
Pobi, Robert
Valerie : or the faculty of dreams : amendment to the theory of sexuality
Stridsberg, Sara, 1972-
With the fire on high
Acevedo, Elizabeth
Theater of spies
Stirling, S. M.
Where the missing go
Rowley, Emma
It's all zoo
Browne, Gerald A.
Unbreak me
Hazen, Michelle
Green ice
Browne, Gerald A.
Stubborn archivist
Rodrigues Fowler, Yara, 1992-
Marshall, Catherine, 1914-1983
In at the deep end
Davies, Kate, 1983-
Beyond all reasonable doubt : a novel
Persson Giolito, Malin, 1969-
Until the mountains fall
Cossette, Connilyn
The last collection : a novel of Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel
Mackin, Jeanne
Hot Siberian
Browne, Gerald A.
The Floating admiral
Any other place : stories
Croley, Michael
The blood spell : a Ravenspire novel
Redwine, C. J.
Somewhere only we know
Goo, Maurene
A song for the stars
Todd, Ilima
Below the line : a Charlie Waldo novel
Gould, Howard Michael
The thirteenth tale : a novel
Setterfield, Diane
The impeachers : the of trial of Andrew Johnson and the dream of a just nation
Wineapple, Brenda
The hidden things
Mason, Jamie
Dearly beloved
Putney, Mary Jo
Nevertheless, we persisted : 48 voices of defiance, strength, and courage
Richard, Shannon
Aftermath : seven secrets of wealth preservation in the coming chaos
Rickards, James
The summer guests
Monroe, Mary Alice
Yours truly, Thomas
Fordham, Rachel, 1984-
Halibut on the moon
Vann, David
The oracle
Cussler, Clive
The good sister
McAllister, Gillian
Fatal inheritance
Rhys, Rachel, 1963-
The friend : a novel
Zander, Joakim
America was hard to find : a novel
Alcott, Kathleen
Calonita, Jen
Beyond the pill : a 30 day program to balance your hormones, reclaim your body, and reverse the dangerous side effects of the birth control pill
Brighten, Jolene
Walking on the ceiling
Savas, Aysegül
Home remedies : stories
Wang, Xuan Juliana, 1985-
No visible bruises : what we don't know about domestic violence can kill us
Snyder, Rachel Louise
The doll factory : a novel
Macneal, Elizabeth, 1988-
Devotion : a novel
Stevens, Madeline, 1987-
Queen's shadow
Johnston, E. K.
The last voyage of Poe Blythe
Condie, Allyson Braithwaite
Defy me
Mafi, Tahereh
Hart, Megan
How to keep a secret
Morgan, Sarah, 1948-
The last whalers : three years in the far Pacific with a courageous tribe and a vanishing way of life
Clark, Doug Bock
The electric hotel
Smith, Dominic, 1971-
The Darwin affair
Mason, Timothy, 1950-
Message from the shadows
Tabucchi, Antonio, 1943-2012
The summer of Ellen
Friis, Agnete
Robert B. Parker's buckskin
Knott, Robert, 1954-
Cavanagh, Steve
Much ado about Lewrie : an Alan Lewrie naval adventure
Lambdin, Dewey
Fargo, Layne
The home edit : a guide to organizing and realizing your house goals
Shearer, Clea, 1982-
The ghosts of Eden Park : the bootleg king, the women who pursued him, and the murder that shocked jazz- age America
Abbott, Karen, 1973-
Song for the unraveling of the world
Evenson, Brian, 1966-
Nima : a novel
Popescu, Adam
The skinnytaste air fryer cookbook : the best healthy recipes for your air fryer
Homolka, Gina
Nothing's bad luck : the lives of Warren Zevon
Kushins, C.M.
Defying Hitler : the Germans who resisted Nazi rule
Thomas, Gordon, 1933-
Rules for visiting : a novel
Kane, Jessica Francis, 1971-
The trouble with Honor
London, Julia
The Peach Truck cookbook : 100 delicious recipes for all things peach
Rose, Jessica (Cookbook writer)
Drive your plow over the bones of the dead : a novel
Tokarczuk, Olga, 1962-
Ewing, Eve L.
Prince of monkeys : a novel
Ehirim, Nnamdi
Dark site : a Sam Dryden novel
Lee, Patrick, 1976-
Maybe this time
Mansell, Jill
The capital
Menasse, Robert, 1954-
Murder on Trinity Place
Thompson, Victoria, (Victoria E.)
The diva sweetens the pie
Davis, Krista
The street where she lives
Shalvis, Jill
No crumbs left : whole30 endorsed, recipes for everyday food made marvelous
Turner, Teri, (Food blogger)
Grossman, Vasiliĭ
The queen : the forgotten life behind an American myth
Levin, Josh, 1980-
The man they wanted me to be : toxic masculinity and a crisis of our own making
Sexton, Jared
Wicked saints : a novel
Duncan, Emily A.
Into the jungle
Ferencik, Erica
Autumn light : season of fire and farewells
Iyer, Pico
The organs of sense
Sachs, Adam Ehrlich
The obsoletes : a novel
Mills, Simeon
Aurora rising
Kaufman, Amie
The soul of power
Bates, Callie
Superbugs : the race to stop an epidemic
McCarthy, Matt
Last day : a novel
Ruta, Domenica
Cole, Courtney, (Novelist)
Time after time : a novel
Grunwald, Lisa
Lives reclaimed : a story of rescue and resistance in Nazi Germany
Roseman, Mark
The runner
May, Peter, 1951-
Before the storm
Chamberlain, Diane, 1950-
Heart of stone
Murphy, C. E., (Catie E.)
Cross my heart
Hatcher, Robin Lee
Air logic
Marks, Laurie J.
Down from the mountain : the life and death of a grizzly bear
Andrews, Bryce
Fatal judgment : an Andy Hayes mystery
Welsh-Huggins, Andrew
Passion on Park Avenue
Layne, Lauren
Atlas alone
Newman, Emma, 1976-
Bakhita : a novel of the Saint of Sudan
Olmi, Véronique
We were killers once : a thriller
Masterman, Becky
The winemaker's wife
Harmel, Kristin
Kashina, A.
The Tubman command : a novel
Cobbs, Elizabeth
Late migrations : a natural history of love and loss
Renkl, Margaret
The first mistake
Jones, Sandie
The human swarm : how our societies arise, thrive, and fall
Moffett, Mark W.
Unclaimed baggage
Doll, Jen
Savages : a novel
Conran, Shirley
The daughters of temperance hobbs : a novel
Howe, Katherine, 1977-
Loudermilk, or, The real poet, or, The origin of the world : a novel
Ives, Lucy, 1980-
At Briarwood School for Girls : a novel
Knight, Michael, 1969-
Prairie fever : a novel
Parker, Michael, 1959-
The harbors of the sun
Wells, Martha
The art of public speaking
Carnegie, Dale, 1888-1955
The behavior of love : a novel
Reeves, Virginia
Midnight on the River Grey
Wilson, Abigail
The loyal one
Gray, Shelley Shepard
Next level basic : the definitive basic bitch handbook
Schroeder, Stassi
The fifteen wonders of Daniel Green
Boyce, Erica
Abused : surviving sexual assault and a toxic gymnastics culture
Haines, Rachel, (Gymnast)
The house on the lagoon
Ferré, Rosario
Booked : a traveler's guide to literary locations around the world
Kreitner, Richard, 1990-
Lie with me : a novel
Besson, Philippe, 1967-
Butler, Season
The unpassing
Lin, Chia-Chia, 1981-
How to make friends with the dark
Glasgow, Kathleen, 1969-
West 47th
Browne, Gerald A.
The southern side of paradise : a novel
Woodson Harvey, Kristy
The heartland : an American history
Hoganson, Kristin L.
The problem of democracy : the Presidents Adams confront the cult of personality
Isenberg, Nancy
El Norte : the epic and forgotten story of Hispanic North America
Gibson, Carrie, 1976-
Spring : a novel
Smith, Ali, 1962-
Honestly, we meant well
Ginder, Grant
The vagabonds : the story of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison's ten-year road trip
Guinn, Jeff
The last job : the "bad grandpas" and the Hatton Garden heist
Bilefsky, Dan
The ladies of Covington send their love
Medlicott, Joan A., (Joan Avna)
Murder knocks twice : a mystery
Calkins, Susanna
Gather the fortunes
Camp, Bryan
The refuge
Gabhart, Ann H., 1947-
One-third nerd
Choldenko, Gennifer, 1957-
Cummings, Pat
Trillion-dollar coach : the leadership playbook from Silicon Valley's Bill Campbell
Schmidt, Eric, 1955 April 27-
Pride, prejudice, and other flavors : a novel
Dev, Sonali
Murder in the City of Liberty
McMillan, Rachel, 1981-
Ellis, Bret Easton
Things you save in a fire
Center, Katherine
We came here to forget : a novel
Dunlop, Andrea
The immoral majority : why evangelicals chose political power over Christian values
Howe, Ben, (Conservative blogger)
Mishima, Yukio, 1925-1970
Wed, read & dead
Burns, V. M., 1964-
Upheaval : turning points for nations in crisis
Diamond, Jared M.
Sweet on you
Wade, Becky
All the flowers in Paris : a novel
Jio, Sarah
The right sort of man
Montclair, Allison
Paleo power bowls : 100 easy, nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory meals
Mueller, Julia
The memory police : a novel
Ogawa, Yōko, 1962-
Trust me when I lie
Stevenson, Benjamin
The starter wife
Laurin, Nina
The book of Q : a novel
Rabb, Jonathan
Hazard, a novel
Browne, Gerald A.
Booth, Naomi
Midnight Mass
Wilson, F. Paul, (Francis Paul)
Across the void : a novel
Vaughn, S. K.
Cheer up, Mr. Widdicombe : a novel
James, Evan
A love letter life : pursue creatively, date intentionally, love faithfully
Roloff, Jeremy, 1990-
Dual citizens : a novel
Ohlin, Alix
Dark wyng
D'Lacey, Chris
The book of delights
Gay, Ross, 1974-
Solving for m
Swender, Jennifer
When the plums are ripe
Nganang, Alain Patrice
The Great Eastern
Rodman, Howard
Why you like it : the science and culture of musical taste
Gasser, Nolan
Summer of a thousand pies
Dilloway, Margaret
Feast day of the cannibals
Lock, Norman, 1950-
The healer's daughter
Hinger, Charlotte, 1940-
The mark of the king
Green, Jocelyn
The king's mercy : a novel
Benton, Lori
In West Mills
Winslow, De'Shawn Charles
Lescroart, John T.
The book supremacy : a Bibliophile mystery
Carlisle, Kate, 1951-
The crossing at Cypress Creek : a Natchez Trace novel
Hillman, Pam
A killer edition
Barrett, Lorna
The reckoning
DeLeon, Jana
The Kripalu kitchen : nourishing food for body and soul 115 revitalizing recipes from the popular wellness retreat
Smith, Jeremy Rock
Hot dog girl
Dugan, Jennifer
Princess Daisy
Krantz, Judith
Star Trek: the original series : The captain's oath
Bennett, Christopher L.
19 Purchase Street : a novel
Browne, Gerald A.
Weston, Julie W., 1943-
Not a clue = Certainement pas : a novel
Delaume, Chloé, 1973-
Pate, confit, rillette : recipes from the craft of charcuterie
Polcyn, Brian
Blood truth
Ward, J. R., 1969-
Pillow thoughts II : healing the heart
Peppernell, Courtney
Unblinking : stories
Lenzo, Lisa, 1957-
State of lies
Mitchell, Siri L., 1969-
Her deadly secrets
Griffin, Laura, 1973-
There's something about Sweetie
Menon, Sandhya
No cats allowed : a cat in the stacks mystery
James, Miranda
My ex-best friend's wedding
Wax, Wendy
Hot to the touch
Burton, Jaci
Left to their own devices : how digital natives are reshaping the American dream
Albright, Julie M., 1962-
Springtime in a broken mirror
Benedetti, Mario, 1920-2009
My Mexico City kitchen : recipes and convictions
Cámara, Gabriela, 1975-
The chef's secret
King, Crystal
A reluctant belle
White, Beth, 1957-
Lace II
Conran, Shirley
Kings, queens, and in-betweens
Boteju, Tanya
The royal secret : a novel
Riley, Lucinda
The torso in the town : a Fethering mystery
Brett, Simon
Disordered minds : how dangerous personalities are destroying democracy
Hughes, Ian
Divided politics, divided nation : hyperconflict in the Trump era
West, Darrell M., 1954-
Nelson's brand
Palmer, Diana
Flashback Hotel
Vladislavić, Ivan, 1957-
The key trilogy
Roberts, Nora
Freya & Zoose
Butler, Emily, 1968-
Man of the year
Walker, Caroline Louise
Threat zero
Irving, Nicholas
Breathing under water : spirituality and the twelve steps
Rohr, Richard
Confessions to Mr. Roosevelt
Holt, Marilyn J.
1000+ little things happy successful people do differently
Chernoff, Marc
China dream
Ma, Jian, 1953-
White Peak
Frost, Ronan
Where we come from : a novel
Casares, Oscar, 1964-
The waterfall
Neggers, Carla
Daisies and devotion
Kilpack, Josi S.
Arid dreams : stories
Dư̄anwāt Phimwanā
One minute later : a novel
Lewis, Susan, 1956-
For a good paws
Johnston, Linda O.
What do we need men for? : a modest proposal
Carroll, E. Jean
Storm rising
Kendig, Ronie
The Philosophy Book : From the Vedas to the New Atheists : 250 Milestones in the History of Philosophy
Bassham, Gregory, 1959-
All my colors
Quantick, David
Brandes, Nadine, 1986-
Geoghegan, Elizabeth
Your life is mine
Ripley, Nathan
Donna has left the building
Gilman, Susan Jane
Joe Country
Herron, Mick
The bobcat
Riley, Katherine Forbes
Campbell, Jack, (Naval officer)
The visual MBA : two years of business school packed into one priceless book of pure awesomeness
Barron, Jason
The war on normal people : the truth about America's disappearing jobs and why universal basic income is our future
Yang, Andrew, (Entrepreneur)
Stars of Alabama
Dietrich, Sean, 1982-
All the water in the world
Raney, Karen
Donnelly, Jennifer
Wherever she goes
Armstrong, Kelley
The philosopher's war : a novel
Miller, Tom, 1980-
Planet earth is blue
Panteleakos, Nicole
Ever faithful : a vintage national parks novel
Barnett, Karen, 1969-
Strong as steel
Land, Jon
The edge of worlds
Wells, Martha
Thomas and Beal in the Midi
Tilghman, Christopher
The lightest object in the universe : a novel
Eisele, Kimi
Waiting for Nick
Roberts, Nora
Biased : uncovering the hidden prejudice that shapes what we see, think, and do
Eberhardt, Jennifer L., (Jennifer Lynn)
Last tango in cyberspace
Kotler, Steven, 1967-
Rules of war : a thriller
Betley, Matthew
Across the dark water
Alvarez, Jennifer Lynn
Duel at Araluen
Flanagan, John, (John Anthony)
The Welsh fasting girl
O'Connor, Varley
Introverted mom : your guide to more calm, less guilt, and quiet joy
Martin, Jamie C.
In the dead of night
Castillo, Linda
Wherever you go
Peterson, Tracie
First comes marriage
Macomber, Debbie
The song of the jade lily
Manning, Kirsty
Finale : a Caraval novel
Garber, Stephanie
Convincing Alex
Roberts, Nora
State of the Union : a marriage in ten parts
Hornby, Nick
Stop doing that sh*t : end self-sabotage and demand your life back
Bishop, Gary John
Travelers : a novel
Habila, Helon, 1967-
Is there still sex in the city?
Bushnell, Candace
Kiss the moon
Neggers, Carla
Elderhood : redefining aging, transforming medicine, reimagining life
Aronson, Louise
The farmer's bride
Fuller, Kathleen
The collected schizophrenias : essays
Wang, Esmé Weijun
Jaclyn Hyde
Bondor-Stone, Annabeth
The new age
D'Lacey, Chris
Waiting for Tom Hanks
Winfrey, Kerry
Her royal highness
Hawkins, Rachel, 1979-
The path between us : an Enneagram journey to healthy relationships
Stabile, Suzanne
The war between the Tates
Lurie, Alison
Lace : a novel
Conran, Shirley
Bergren, Lisa Tawn
Browne, Gerald A.
The accidentals : a novel
Gwin, Minrose
Falling for Rachel
Roberts, Nora
Fix her up : a novel
Bailey, Tessa
The mad hatter mystery
Carr, John Dickson, 1906-1977
The Stiehl Assassin
Brooks, Terry
The Saturday night supper club
Laureano, Carla
Killer's choice : a novel
Begley, Louis
Maybe a mermaid
Cameron, Josephine
The dearly beloved : a novel
Wall, Cara
Year of the orphan : a novel
Findlay, Daniel
Four friends : promising lives cut short
Cohan, William D.
If the ice had held
Fox, Wendy J.
Cities : the first 6,000 years
Smith, Monica L., (Monica Louise)
The helicopter heist : a novel based on true events
Bonnier, Jonas, 1963-
A job you mostly won't know how to do : a novel
Fromm, Pete, 1958-
The perfect son
North, Lauren
Falter : has the human game begun to play itself out?
McKibben, Bill
Dawson's fall
Robinson, Roxana
Killing with confetti
Lovesey, Peter
Cliff's edge
Tilly, Meg
Beneath the darkest sky
Overstreet, Jason
The bird boys : a Delpha Wade and Tom Phelan mystery
Sandlin, Lisa
The black jersey : a novel
Zepeda Patterson, Jorge
Pass of fire
Anderson, Taylor, 1963-
Life of David Hockney : a novel
Cusset, Catherine, 1963-
Murder in Bel-Air
Black, Cara, 1951-
The swallows : a novel
Lutz, Lisa
Like lions : a novel
Panowich, Brian
Dapper Dan : made in Harlem : a memoir
Day, Daniel R.
Maum, Courtney, 1978-
Stone 588
Browne, Gerald A.
On a summer tide
Fisher, Suzanne Woods
The black mountain
Barron, Laird
Wilk, Elvia
Tom Clancy's enemy contact
Maden, Mike
Against the sun
Martin, Kat
Juliet the maniac : a novel
Escoria, Juliet
The hero
Carr, Robyn
Proud boys and the white ethnostate : how the alt-right is warping the American imagination
Stern, Alexandra
The Kremlin strike
Brown, Dale, 1956-
The road home
Evans, Richard Paul
Mortal echoes : encounters with the end
Task lyst : a novel
Hylbert, Scott
Lincoln's spies : their secret war to save a nation
Waller, Douglas C
Plant power bowls : 70 seasonal vegan recipes to boost energy and promote wellness
Chandra, Sapana
Ferrier, Susan, 1782-1854
A lady's guide to gossip and murder
Freeman, Dianne, 1958-
Miss Pinkerton
Rinehart, Mary Roberts, 1876-1958
The fire opal mechanism
Wilde, Fran, 1979-
Libraries & gardens : growing together
Banks, Carrie Scott
The soldier
Burrowes, Grace
Some like it scandalous
Rodale, Maya
Life, love and the pursuit of happiness
Hill, Sandra (Fiction writer)
March, Emily
Toxic toffee
Flower, Amanda
Home at Chestnut Creek
Drake, Laura, 1954-
Beckstrand, Jennifer
A promise for the twins
Senate, Melissa
A passionate night with the Greek
Lawrence, Kim, 1938-
Amish outsider
Perry, Marta
A tangled engagement
Radley, Tessa
Cowboy charming
Crush, Dylann
One night, white lies
Lemmon, Jessica
Love in New York & Cherish my heart
Hailstock, Shirley
Demanding his hidden heir
Ashenden, Jackie
A Highlander walks into a bar
Trentham, Laura
Project duchess
Jeffries, Sabrina
Wed for the Spaniard's redemption
Shaw, Chantelle
His unexpected twins
Nichols, Carrie
Wander Canyon courtship
Pleiter, Allie, 1962-
Don't give me butterflies
Sheets, Tara, 1973-
Awakened by the scarred Italian
Green, Abby
Contracted as his Cinderella bride
Rice, Heidi
Rocky Mountain memories
Richer, Lois
A love for Lizzie
Lyons, Tracey J
Strangled eggs and ham
Day, Maddie
The war in the dark
Setchfield, Nick
Last chance rodeo
Dell, Kari Lynn
Days of future past
Irvine, Alexander (Alexander C.)
The trouble with cowboy weddings
Helm, Nicole
Destiny of the wolf
Spear, Terry
A rainbow above us
Sala, Sharon
Cowboy in wolf's clothing
Ballenger, Kait
Needled to death
Ryan, Annelise
Lynn, Cherrie.
Prince's virgin in Venice
Morey, Trish
The nanny's secret baby
McClain, Lee Tobin
Grim Death and Bill the Electrocuted Criminal : an illustrated novel
Mignola, Mike
The wolf's call
Ryan, Anthony
Cold heart, warm cowboy
Crews, Caitlin
One little secret : a novel
Holahan, Cate
Ghost riders of Baghdad : soldiers, civilians, and the myth of the surge
Sjursen, Daniel A.
Watterson, Kate
Dinner in Camelot : the night America's greatest scientists, writers, and scholars partied at the Kennedy White House
Esposito, Joseph A
Second sight
Clifford, Aoife
The London cage : the secret history of Britain's World War II interrogation centre
Fry, Helen, 1967-
Kingdom of exiles
Martineau, Maxym M.
Dead man walking
Johnstone, William W
The dating arrangement
Carpenter, Kerri
His shock marriage in Greece
Porter, Jane, 1964-
Wyoming cowboy bodyguard
Helm, Nicole
A rancher to remember
Johns, Patricia (Romance writer)
Brave the tempest
Chance, Karen
City of windows
Pobi, Robert
Velocity weapon
O'Keefe, Megan E., 1985-
FKA USA : a novel
King, Reed
Down by the sea : draw and paint with watercolor, acrylic, pen & ink
Nice, Claudia, 1948-
Red state Christians : understanding the voters who elected Donald Trump
Denker, Angela
Theater of spies
Stirling, S. M
Drawing realistic pencil portraits step-by-step
Maas, Justin
The creepiest sleepover ever
Hastings, Ximena
Killer in the carriage house : Victorian Village mystery
Connolly, Sheila
The case of the careless kitten
Gardner, Erle Stanley, 1889-1970
Saffron in the souks : vibrant recipes from the heart of lebanon
Gregory-Smith, John.
New Orleans noir
Wayne, Joanna
Red hot rancher
Child, Maureen
Adirondack attack
Kernan, Jenna
Cowboy to the core
Yates, Maisey
Noble outlaw : & A distant land
Braun, Matt, 1932-
Let's fake a deal
Harris, Sherry (Mystery writer)
Married in name only
Bennett, Jules
The rogue to ruin
Lorret, Vivienne
Knot on her life
Marks, Mary
One fine duke
Bell, Lenora
The cowboy's faith
Favorite, Danica
A father for her child
Greer, Laurel
A baby between friends
Douglass, Kathy
Colton's mistaken identity
Krotow, Geri
How to cross a marquess
Ashford, Jane
Bullets and opium : real-life stories of China after the Tiananmen Square Massacre
Liao, Yiwu, 1958-
Pen America best debut short stories. 2019
Her secret son
McKinnon, Hannah Mary
Penne dreadful
Bruns, Catherine
Rapture advent of the last days
Phillips, Jocolby.
Bhaṭṭācārya, Nabāruṇa
The Eagle has landed : 50 years of lunar science fiction
The fire blossom
Lark, Sarah, 1958-
Lone wolf cowboy
Yates, Maisey
The ugly truth : a Riley Ellison mystery
Orr, Jill
Steel resolve
Daniels, B. J
Wind River protector
McKenna, Lindsay, 1946-
Killing with confetti : a Peter Diamond investigation
Lovesey, Peter
Wolf instinct
Tyler, Paige
The German midwife
Robotham, Mandy
Cold case secrets
Black, Maggie K
Crownover, Jay
The missing ones
Gibney, Patricia
Rust Creek Falls Cinderella
Senate, Melissa
The rogue king
Owen, Abigail
What the heart wants ; &, Sealed with a kiss
Hill, Donna (Donna O.)
And then there were crumbs
Calder, Eve
Willett, Edward, 1959-
Healing the cowboy's heart
Herne, Ruth Logan
A soldier's prayer
Mindel, Jenna
Ash kickers
Grigsby, Sean
Sweet summer sunset
Fossen, Delores
A SEAL never quits
Castillo, Holly
The Highland earl
Jarecki, Amy, 1961-
Left fur dead
Griffin, J. M.
Salvation day
Wallace, Kali
Survivor girl
Teagan, Erin
The haunting of Henry Davis
Siebel, Kathryn
Fake dating the prince
Kane, Ashlyn
Rocket to the morgue
Boucher, Anthony, 1911-1968
A song of joy
Snelling, Lauraine
Reclaimed by the powerful sheikh
Roscoe, Pippa
Lord, Karen, 1968-
The big book of classic fantasy : the ultimate collection
Gingermelon's embroidered animals : heirloom animal dolls to sew, embellish, and treasure
Down, Shelly
Hue and cry : stories
McPherson, James Alan, 1943-2016
Under the cold bright lights
Disher, Garry
Silver in the wood
Tesh, Emily
Bewitched and betrothed
Blackwell, Juliet
Summer on Moonlight Bay
Ramsay, Hope
Love at last : three historical novellas of love in days gone by.
When the plums are ripe
Nganang, Alain Patrice
Weston, Julie W., 1943-
Maximillian Fly
Sage, Angie
A capitol death
Davis, Lindsey
Ellie and the harpmaker
Prior, Hazel
Bova, Ben, 1932-
Secret French Riviera
Cassely, Jean-Pierre
Murder at Crossways
Maxwell, Alyssa
An unsettled grave
Schaffer, Bernard, 1974-
Lives reclaimed : a story of rescue and resistance in Nazi Germany
Roseman, Mark
Castillo, Linda
How to keep a boy from kissing you
Eglington, Tara
Soaring to glory : a Tuskegee airman's firsthand account of World War II
Handleman, Philip
Blood truth
Ward, J. R., 1969-
The hound of justice : a novel
O'Dell, Claire
The unlikely escape of Uriah Heep
Parry, H. G.
The mountain master of Sha Tin : the triad years
Hamilton, Ian, 1946-
The perfect son
North, Lauren
Spirits of the season : Christmas hauntings
Girls' club : cultivating lasting friendship in a lonely world
Clarkson, Sarah (Editor for Whole Heart Press)
All it takes : a romancing Manhattan novel
Proby, Kristen
The family tree guide to DNA testing and genetic genealogy
Bettinger, Blaine T
Slow dancing at sunrise
McNally, Jo
Dakota child ; & Dakota father
Ford, Linda (Linda Carol).
Home on the ranch : the rancher's surprise
Britton, Pamela
Colton 911 : cowboy's rescue
Ferrarella, Marie
A lady in disguise
Sands, Lynsay
Colton 911 : baby's bodyguard
Childs, Lisa
Bite club
Berenson, Laurien
Trace : who killed Maria James?
Brown, Rachael
When trouble sleeps
Adenle, Leye
The Peach Truck cookbook : 100 delicious recipes for all things peach
Rose, Jessica (Cookbook writer)
Schmidt, Anna, 1943-
Hometown hope
Blount, Laurel
Inherited threat
Choate, Jane McBride
More than one night
Bell, Heatherly
The law and Miss Mary ; &, Hannah's beau.
The family he didn't expect
Jump, Shirley, 1968-
Say no to the duke
James, Eloisa
Their inherited triplets
Thacker, Cathy Gillen
Credible alibi
Snell, Tyler Anne
Brazen and the beast
MacLean, Sarah
Once upon a bad boy
Johnson, Melonie
One night with the cowboy
Harlen, Brenda
Vonderau, Carl, 1953-
Protect the prince
Estep, Jennifer
The border keeper
Hall, Kerstin (Writer and editor)
The possession : a novel
Rutger, Michael
The rage of dragons
Winter, Evan
Clause & effect
Dunnett, Kaitlyn
The dark above : a novel
Finley, Jeremy
Betrayal in time
McElwain, Julie
Eastern Europe
Steves, Rick, 1955-
Dead big dawg
Houston, Victoria, 1945-
Grave expectations
Redmond, Heather, 1969-
Under the lights and in the dark : untold stories of women's soccer
Oxenham, Gwendolyn
The year's best military & adventure SF. Volume 5
Let's play, Crabby!
Fenske, Jonathan
My fate according to the butterfly
Villanueva, Gail D.
The girl who sailed the stars
Woods, Matilda
Deep undercover
Worth, Lenora
Why I like this story
The girl in red
Henry, Christina, 1974-
The last astronaut
Wellington, David
Almost midnight
Doiron, Paul
A wicked deed
Gregory, Susanna, 1958-
Choosing compassion : how to be of benefit in a world that needs our love
Thubten, Anam
Hexarchate stories
Lee, Yoon Ha, 1979-
Season of darkness
Harrison, Cora
The immoral majority : why evangelicals chose political power over Christian values
Howe, Ben (Conservative blogger)
Cooper, Ellison
A Sword Named Truth
Smith, Sherwood.
Gods of jade and shadow
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia
Half moon street
Reeve, Alex (Crime fiction writer)
The affair of the mysterious letter
Hall, Alexis J.
The colours of murder
Carter, Ali
Someone to honor
Balogh, Mary
A Cinderella seduction
Booth, Karen (Karen B.)
Love at first bark
Burns, Debbie (Romance author)
Security risk
Crouch, Janie
The doctor's date
Cullinan, Heidi
Cowboy summer
Kennedy, Joanne
Iron will ; & Justice at Cardwell Ranch
Daniels, B. J
Southern seduction & Pleasure in his arms
Hector, Carolyn