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New Sound Recordings

The long-awaited album The long-awaited album
Martin, Steve, 1945-
Everybody Everybody
Janson, Chris, 1986-
Hitchhiker Hitchhiker
Young, Neil, 1945-
Hug of thunder Hug of thunder
Broken Social Scene (Musical group), composer, performer.
Let love rule Let love rule
Ledisi, 1972-
On a distant shore On a distant shore
Russell, Leon
Wonderful wonderful Wonderful wonderful
Killers (Rock group : 2001- ), composer, performer.
The invention of Hugo Cabret The invention of Hugo Cabret
Selznick, Brian.
What if? : serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions What if? : serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions
Munroe, Randall
Becoming Marie Antoinette : [a novel] Becoming Marie Antoinette : [a novel]
Grey, Juliet.
The book of air and shadows : a novel The book of air and shadows : a novel
Gruber, Michael, 1940-
Goodnight June : a novel Goodnight June : a novel
Jio, Sarah
As the pig turns : an Agatha Raisin mystery As the pig turns : an Agatha Raisin mystery
Beaton, M. C.
Reilly Reilly's return
Hoag, Tami.
Notorious Notorious
Johansen, Iris.
Capitol murder : a novel Capitol murder : a novel
Margolin, Phillip.
Monster Monster
Peretti, Frank E.
Paint it black Paint it black
Fitch, Janet, 1955-
Buffalo wagons Buffalo wagons
Kelton, Elmer.
The hidden diary of Marie Antoinette The hidden diary of Marie Antoinette
Erickson, Carolly, 1943-
Everybody knows Everybody knows
Stills, Stephen.
Arabian café chilled arabian vibes. Arabian café chilled arabian vibes.
Sgt. Pepper Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Beatles, singer.
Music from the edge of heaven Music from the edge of heaven
Wham! (Musical group)
Marseille Marseille
Jamal, Ahmad, 1930-
Homey Homey
CHON (Musical group), composer, performer.
A black mile to the surface A black mile to the surface
Manchester Orchestra, composer, performer.
Stony Hill Stony Hill
Marley, Damian
Iteration Iteration
Truise, Com
Introducing Stokley Introducing Stokley
In the same room In the same room
Holter, Julia, 1984-
Black Mirror: San Junipero : original score Black Mirror: San Junipero : original score
Mansell, Clint
The lost ones The lost ones
Kamal, Sheena
Police at the station and they don Police at the station and they don't look friendly
McKinty, Adrian
Flashfire Flashfire
Stark, Richard, 1933-2008.
Mother land a novel Mother land a novel
Theroux, Paul.
The search The search
Johansen, Iris.
The art of death writing the final story The art of death writing the final story
Danticat, Edwidge, 1969-
My Italian bulldozer a novel My Italian bulldozer a novel
McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-
Shadow reaper Shadow reaper
Feehan, Christine.
A hiss before dying A hiss before dying
Brown, Rita Mae.
Fludd Fludd
Mantel, Hilary, 1952-
Death on Delos Death on Delos
Corby, Gary.
Beautiful tempest Beautiful tempest
Lindsey, Johanna.
Seven stones to stand or fall a collection of Outlander fiction Seven stones to stand or fall a collection of Outlander fiction
Gabaldon, Diana.
8 keys to recovery from an eating disorder : effective strategies from therapeutic practice and personal experience 8 keys to recovery from an eating disorder : effective strategies from therapeutic practice and personal experience
Costin, Carolyn.
The late show The late show
Connelly, Michael, 1956-
Walking on my grave Walking on my grave
Hart, Carolyn G
Young Jane Young : a novel Young Jane Young : a novel
Zevin, Gabrielle.
50 Women Every Christian Should Know : Learning from Heroines of the Faith 50 Women Every Christian Should Know : Learning from Heroines of the Faith
Derusha, Michelle
Brown, Tracy, 1974-
Lover reborn : [a novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood]
Ward, J. R., 1969-
Ward, J. R., 1969-
The fortune teller's daughter
Shaara, Lila.
Enemy of mine
Taylor, Brad, 1965-
Deep state
Williams, Walter Jon.
Leaving everything most loved : a Maisie Dobbs novel
Winspear, Jacqueline, 1955-
The last man on earth
Warren, Tracy Anne.
The fourth wall
Williams, Walter Jon.
This isn't what it looks like
Bosch, Pseudonymous.
You have to stop this
Bosch, Pseudonymous.
Viscount Breckenridge to the rescue
Laurens, Stephanie.
Green, Tim, 1963-
Private arrangements
Thomas, Sherry.
Beguiling the beauty
Thomas, Sherry (Sherry M.)
The first commandment
Thor, Brad.
Time after time
Hooper, Kay.
The man with the getaway face
Stark, Richard, 1933-2008.
Hoag, Tami.
Zach's law
Hooper, Kay.
Hamilton, Laurell K.
Glass houses : a novel
Penny, Louise
The color of fear
Muller, Marcia
Pieces of happiness : a novel of friendship, hope and chocolate
Ostby, Anne, 1958-
Sons and soldiers : the untold story of the Jews who escaped the Nazis and returned with the U.S. Army to fight Hitler
Henderson, Bruce B., 1946-
Mrs. Saint and the defectives
Timmer, Julie Lawson
The bluest eye
Morrison, Toni.
The force
Winslow, Don, 1953-
The vanishing American adult : our coming-of-age crisis--and how to rebuild a culture of self-reliance
Sasse, Benjamin E
Gone gull
Andrews, Donna
The right time : a novel
Steel, Danielle.
At the sign of triumph
Weber, David, 1952-
Strike of the sweepers
Whitesides, Tyler
Curse of the broomstaff
Whitesides, Tyler
Emma in the night
Walker, Wendy, 1967-
My absolute darling : a novel
Tallent, Gabriel.
Secrets of New Forest Academy
Whitesides, Tyler.
Morningstar : growing up with books
Hood, Ann, 1956-
Norton, Graham, 1963-
The peace and the panic
Neckdeep (Musical group)
Ell, Lindsay, 1989-
Prophets of rage
Prophets of Rage (Musical group), composer, performer.
To the bone
Wilson, Steven, 1967-
Walk into a storm
Lone Bellow (Musical group)
Carnival III : the fall and rise of a refugee
Jean, Wyclef.
Concrete and gold
Foo Fighters (Musical group)
Did it for the party
Big & Rich, composer, performer.
Give more love
Starr, Ringo.
The laughing apple
Stevens, Cat, 1948-
Tourist in this town
Crutchfield, Allison
Seven secrets
Coryell, Larry
The passion of Charlie Parker.
Parker, Charlie, 1920-1955.
Neva left
Snoop Dogg, 1972-
Let there be light
Hillsong Worship (Musical group), performer.
Kelly Lee Owens
Owens, Kelly Lee
Every where is some where
K.Flay, 1985-
The Dustbowl Revival
Dustbowl Revival (Musical group), composer, performer.
Big Thief (Musical group), composer, performer.
Sakamoto, Ryūichi, 1952-
Southern blood
Allman, Gregg, 1947-2017
One offs remixes & B sides
Bonobo (Musician)
Native invader
Amos, Tori
Mountain moves
Deerhoof (Musical group), composer, performer.
Fifth Harmony
Fifth Harmony (Musical group), performer.
"American dream"
LCD Soundsystem (Musical group), composer, performer.
All we know of Heaven, all we need of Hell
Pvris (Musical group)
All the light above it too
Johnson, Jack
Lost in the ozone
Lost Planet Airmen (Musical group)
Wayfaring strangers : cosmic American music.
Big black and the blue
First Aid Kit (Musical group)
Life changes
Rhett, Thomas, 1990-
Moore, Kip (Musician)
The bus songs
Keith, Toby
Every country's sun
Mogwai (Musical group)
McKnight, Brian, 1969-
Mistress of Rome
Quinn, Kate.
The secret adversary Library Edition
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976.
Armstrong and Charlie
Frank, Steven B.
Princess cora and the crocodile
Schlitz, Laura Amy.
Who let the gods out?
Evans, Maz.
Just fly away
McCarthy, Andrew.
Love, ish
Rivers, Karen.
Dark shadows yes, another misadventure
Cronin, Doreen.
Traitor to the throne
Hamilton, Alwyn.
Marketing a love story
Jiwa, Bernadette.
Lover a novel
Raverat, Anna.
The seven money types discover how God wired you to handle money
Brown, Tommy.
Mercies in disguise a story of hope, a family's genetic destiny, and the science that rescued them
Kolata, Gina.
1636 the Ottoman onslaught
Flint, Eric.
All grown up
Attenberg, Jami.
Requiem for the American dream the principles of concentrated wealth and power
Chomsky, Noam.
Chang, Henry.
Assadi, Hannah Lillith.
Exceptional clearance
Caunitz, William.
Imaginary homelands essays and criticicsm 1981-1991
Rushdie, Salman.
The girl from Rawblood a novel
Ward, Catriona.
Girl in disguise
Macallister, Greer.
The Baker Street irregulars
Shoot like a girl one woman's dramatic fight in Afghanistan and on the home front
Hegar, Mary Jennings.
Dunstall, S. K.
Of mess and moxie : wrangling delight out of this wild and glorious life
Hatmaker, Jen
Deitrick Haddon & Hill City Worship Camp.
Haddon, Deitrick
James, Boney
Music. Volume 1
Alpert, Herb
Wins and losses
Meek Mill, 1987-
Bloodmoney : a novel of espionage
Ignatius, David, 1950-
The Director
Ignatius, David, 1950-
When maidens mourn : a Sebastian St. Cyr mystery
Harris, C. S.
The breath of dawn
Heitzmann, Kristen.
The king of lies
Hart, John, 1965-
Murder on Lexington Avenue
Thompson, Victoria (Victoria E.)
1635 : the papal stakes
Flint, Eric.
The line between here and gone
Kane, Andrea.
The girl who disappeared twice
Kane, Andrea.
Need you now
Grippando, James, 1958-
Blood money
Grippando, James, 1958-
A quiet flame
Kerr, Philip.
Robert Ludlum's The Janus reprisal
Freveletti, Jamie.
The Madonnas of Leningrad : [a novel]
Dean, Debra, 1957-
War dances
Alexie, Sherman, 1966-
Against the wind
Martin, Kat.
The last talk with Lola Faye
Cook, Thomas H.
Darkness hunts
Arthur, Keri.
Hope to die
Block, Lawrence.
Private. #1 suspect
Patterson, James, 1947-
Small, Bertrice.
On a wicked dawn
Laurens, Stephanie.
The ballad of Bob Dylan : a portrait
Epstein, Daniel Mark.
Ghost hero
Rozan, S. J.
A fine passion
Laurens, Stephanie.
Bannon brothers. Triumph
Dailey, Janet.
The dame
Salvatore, R. A., 1959-
The swan thieves
Kostova, Elizabeth.
Song of my heart : a novel
Sawyer, Kim Vogel.
Against the storm
Martin, Kat.
Echoes at dawn
Banks, Maya.
The storm
Cussler, Clive.
Amy and Isabelle
Strout, Elizabeth.
Richardson, Kat.
Against the mark
Martin, Kat.
Against the night
Martin, Kat.
Against the sun
Martin, Kat.
Shattered pillars
Bear, Elizabeth.
Sneaky Pie for president : a novel
Brown, Rita Mae.
Margaret from Maine : [a novel]
Monninger, Joseph.
The code of trust : an American counterintelligence expert's five rules to lead and succeed
Dreeke, Robin
Tattoos on the heart : the power of boundless compassion
Boyle, Greg.
Tides : the science and spirit of the ocean
White, Jonathan, 1956-
The guide to investing in gold and silver : protect your financial future
Maloney, Michael.
Truth doesn't have a side : my alarming discovery about the danger of contact sports
Omalu, Bennet I. (Bennet Ifeakandu)
The Russian revolution : a new history
McMeekin, Sean, 1974-
Algorithms to live by : the computer science of human decisions
Christian, Brian, 1984-
Rather be the devil
Rankin, Ian
Iris Grace : how Thula the cat saved a little girl and her family
Carter-Johnson, Arabella
Dorothy must die stories. Vol. 3, Order of the wicked, Dark side of the rainbow, the queen of Oz
Paige, D. M.
Dorothy must die stories. Vol. 2
Paige, Danielle (Novelist).
Rediscovering Americanism : and the tyranny of progressivism
Levin, Mark R. (Mark Reed), 1957-
Theft by finding : diaries (1977-2002)
Sedaris, David
The lost tribe of Coney Island : headhunters, Luna Park, and the man who pulled off the spectacle of the century
Prentice, Claire (Journalist)
Songs of Bob Dylan
Osborne, Joan
The road. Part 1
UNKLE (Musical group), composer, performer.
The autobiography : as told by Vic Mensa
Mensa, Vic
Rag'n'Bone Man, 1985-
1967 : sunshine tomorrow
Beach Boys, composer, performer.
Grow rich! : with peace of mind
Hill, Napoleon, 1883-1970.
Change your words, change your life understanding the power of every word you speak
Meyer, Joyce, 1943-
Forest of wonders
Park, Linda Sue
New York 2140
Robinson, Kim Stanley
American Gods : original television series soundtrack
Reitzell, Brian
Beast epic
Iron & Wine (Musician)
Ben Sollee and Kentucky Native.
Sollee, Ben.
A deeper understanding
War on Drugs (Musical group), performer.
Flower boy
Tyler, the Creator, 1991-
Cobbs, Tasha
Hills and valleys
Wells, Tauren
I love you all the time : live at the Olympia in Paris
Eagles of Death Metal (Musical group), composer, performer.
Murmuration nation
Saliers, Emily, 1963-
Poor David's almanack
Rawlings, David.
Childers, Tyler.
Cage the Elephant (Musical group), composer, performer.
Queens of the Stone Age, composer, performer.
Pegasus Bridge : June 6, 1944
Ambrose, Stephen E.
The third Nero
Davis, Lindsey
Gather the daughters : a novel
Melamed, Jennie
Sakey, Marcus
The last cowboys of San Geronimo : a novel
Stansel, Ian.
The witches of New York : a novel
McKay, Ami, 1968-
Without a trace
Coble, Colleen
Stillhouse Lake
Caine, Rachel
Beautiful animals
Osborne, Lawrence, 1958-
The warm world of João Gilberto : the man who invented Bossa nova : complete recordings 1958-1961.
Gilberto, João.
Atomic blonde : original motion picture soundtrack
The handmaids tale : orginial soundtrack
Taylor, Adam
Happy endings
Old Dominion (Musical group)
Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real
Nelson, Lukas
Seekers and finders
Gogol Bordello (Musical group), composer, performer.
What if
Jerry Douglas Band.
The diplomat's daughter
Tanabe, Karin
A game of ghosts
Connolly, John, 1968-
The Jersey brothers : a missing naval officer in the Pacific and his family's quest to bring him home
Freeman, Sally Mott
The strange case of the alchemist's daughter
Goss, Theodora
Fast falls the night
Keller, Julia
Cry in the night
Coble, Colleen
The ready-made thief : a novel
Rose, Augustus
Seeing red : a novel
Brown, Sandra, 1948-
Barely legal
Woods, Stuart
I know a secret
Gerritsen, Tess
The luster of lost things
Keller, Sophie Chen, 1988-
You and me forever : marriage in light of eternity
Chan, Francis, 1967-
The trap
Raabe, Melanie, 1981-
Any dream will do : a novel
Macomber, Debbie
Crime scene : a novel
Kellerman, Jonathan
The room of white fire : a novel
Parker, T. Jefferson
Scottoline, Lisa