Booklist Review
Ages 4-8. In this Australian picture book, Samantha writes to Santa in January, thanking him for her presents and adding "P.S. I hope you had a good Christmas, too! P.P.S. Can you knit? P.P.P.S. How are the reindeer?" The ensuing correspondence between Santa and Samantha forms the text of this charming book. Each month brings a new letter and a new double-page spread illustrating the missive with a scene of life at the North Pole or in Australia, where Samantha watches the polar bear in the zoo and wishes that his dream of a summer snowstorm could come true. The following Christmas, Santa grants the wish and delights the bear. Argent's softly shaded full-color artwork fills up the pages and will have broad appeal. Teachers may use the book to introduce letter writing or the reversal of seasons in the Southern Hemisphere; children will enjoy its satisfying interplay of story and illustration. ~--Carolyn Phelan