Booklist Review
Like Abbott and Costello's comic synergy, the pairing of songwriter Katz's impolite songs and Catrow's cartoon illustrations is a match made in Chucklesville. The 14 silly dilly manners songs here are guaranteed to produce appreciative snorts and guffaws from kids. The song titles set up the farcical verse while the watercolor-and-colored-pencil caricatures take the hilarity over the top: Jimmy Picks Boogers (which Katz suggests should be sung to the tune of The Blue-Tail Fly ); Don't Chew Gum in the Classroom (sung to Take Me Out to the Ball Game ); Don't Talk with Beans in Your Mouth (sung to Michael, Row the Boat Ashore ). Adults may grimace at some of the rude details, but kids will chortle out loud and remember the manners messages precisely because they are so cleverly concocted. One copy won't be enough. For more fun with the subject, link this to David Greenberg's Don't Forget Your Etiquette (2006). --Julie Cummins Copyright 2006 Booklist