Booklist Review
As the only two survivors of a devastating fire at their high school, Joey and Maureen are suspected of being arsonists. How else, the reasoning goes, did they know to leave the building in time? This injustice is particularly difficult for Joey, since the 14-year-old's mother had in cruel irony herself died in a fire 18 months earlier. As she did in her previous novel, Safe (2007), Shaw again details the often agonizingly slow process of attempting to heal from an emotionally devastating experience. Joey gradually finds comfort in his journal, in an unexpected piece of music, and in a sketch he makes that may change not only his own feelings but those of his accusers. The boy often sounds much older than 14, and people's reactions to him seem a bit contrived, but his feelings are authentic and the changes that time and art work in him are believable and absorbing.--Cart, Michael Copyright 2009 Booklist