Booklist Review
The second book of the Sisters of the Sword series, set in ancient Japan, begins where the first one left off: with Kimi and Hana hiding from their murderous uncle Hidehira in a school for budding samurai. But then their beloved teacher dies, and Hidehira's appearance at the school for the funeral forces them to flee once more. Although the elements of the overall plotline can be predictable, the particulars of this series rarely are. For instance, early on, the girls are fearful their uncle will open and read a message for their mother. In many books, he'd be foiled or interrupted, but not here. He realizes the girls' identity, and instead of a rather dreary wait for the reveal, the action begins immediately as the girls flee. In fact, the whole book is full of action lots of running, climbing, crashing, and fighting sometimes at the expense of actual plot. Still, the girls are worthy heroines, and if the book's ending is abrupt, it will only make readers want more.--Cooper, Ilene Copyright 2010 Booklist