Booklist Review
Ages 4-8. In the latest adventure of aardvark Arthur, his parents agree to get him a puppy if he proves himself responsible. Egged on by his smart-mouthed little sister, who wants him to pay back the money he owes her, he starts a business caring for other people's pets in his home--all over his home. There's not much story, but kids will enjoy the family chaos, as a boa constricter, a spoiled yapping dog, frogs, and sundry other clients clamor for Arthur's attention and invade sitting room, bath, and bed. No one will be surprised to learn from the back flap that Brown has a menagerie of his own. He clearly knows that in families there's lots going on all at once, and his text is just the outline for what the ebullient pictures tell. ~--Hazel Rochman