Booklist Review
First introduced in Harley, like a Person (2000), Harley Columba, now a senior and living with her biological father, wakes up excited; her first art exhibit will be opening at a New York gallery. The events of the day, which make up the book, then gradually unfold: Harley has several acrimonious confrontations in her hometown, she discovers the identity of her grandmother, and she worries about a possible pregnancy and fights with her boyfriend. Harley's narrative occasionally shines; the scene about buying a pregnancy test is especially funny. But the plot is burdened by coincidences and intrusive pauses to supply backstory, and secondary characters are both predictable and one-dimensional. It's Harley's description of the creative process that will interest readers, along with the question, Is she or isn't she pregnant? This sequel may pick up a few new readers, but the audience will probably be teens who loved the first book and want to know more of Harley's story. --Lynn Rutan Copyright 2007 Booklist