<p>A samurai will overcome all obstacles to face her enemy with honor. And she will show no mercy.</p> <p>Kimi and her sister, Hana, disguised themselves as boys to study at Master Goku's dojo--and to prepare themselves to take revenge on the uncle who murdered their father and older brothers. They have become masters of the sword, and their combat skills are deadly. But after Master Goku's death, the sisters' future is uncertain.</p> <p>When their uncle sees through their disguise, Kimi and Hana flee the dojo, but not all hope is lost: Word has come that their mother and younger brother are alive and waiting for them. Can Kimi, Hana, and their friend Tatsuya risk the perils that lie ahead and defeat their uncle in the hunt for their missing family? To do so, the young warriors must withstand terrible battles, treachery, shadowy ninja--and their own fear, on a journey that may lead them to their loved ones . . . and to the most dangerous choice of Kimi's life.</p>