From the author of No One Can Hurt Him Anymore --a chilling true crime account of a monster who hid in plain sight, where he could kill again and again . . . <br> <br> In 1992, the small town of Springfield, Ohio, was shocked by the discovery of two adolescent girls who had been brutally raped and murdered. Investigators soon learned that four local miscreants had been accomplices--but DNA tests proved that the true culprit was still on the loose. Inexplicably, the four men continued to mislead police throughout the years-long investigation, periodically supplying false clues and leads. And while they lied, and a cold-blooded killer remained at large, another victim was raped and murdered--and then another.<br> <br> Not until 1996, when a prostitute managed to survive a terrifying ordeal at the hands of her would-be slayer, were police able to catch the man who'd been stalking Springfield's women and children. He was William K. Sapp--husband and father of two young boys and a baby girl. And behind his seemingly normal mask lay a murderous rage toward women that he had been violently indulging for years.<br> <br> Here is the startling true story of a town besieged and the relentless manhunt that tracked Sapp for years until finally bringing him to justice.<br> <br> Includes 16 pages of shocking photos