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New Sound Recordings
Mercy Watson Is Missing!
The Harp and the Rose
Curse of the Reaper
Mary Magdalene Revealed
The Second Stranger
Clear Thinking
Through the Grinder
All the Hidden Paths
A Year in Practice
Yours for the Taking
The Winthrop Agreement
The Couple in the Photo
Welcome Home, Stranger
The Flames
Sniffing Out Murder
Molecules of Emotion
The Missing Sword
This Spells Love
The Frozen River
Out On a Limb
The Single Dad
The Watchmaker
The Gift
Flores and Miss Paula
Oath and Honor
The Fake Mate
Meet the Benedettos
Five Bad Deeds
Pound the Stone
The Curse of Penryth Hall
Murder Crossed Her Mind
A court of wings and ruin
A court of silver flames